Longer Battery Life

The DroidROMs not only make your phone last longer, but also allow you to get the maximum performance out of it. Install our ROMs today if you’re prepared to have your phone unlocked to it’s highest potential!

With the DroidS3 Rom for the Samsung Galaxy SIII I9300, the battery life is no joke to play with. Built with the latest firmwares from Samsung, and tweaked to improve on almost every aspect. The Battery life stands out to be the one, to take the throne.

See what people said:

Radiobicho XDA Forum
Everything works good. Im using stock kernell and battery is ok. Zero lag!!!
Yoguslayer XDA Forum
A great battery life and performance, it’s one of the best ROMs I’ve tried!

Invisiblebm XDA Forum
Battery life is amazing . Unplugged today at 5.00 am. At 6.00 begun to listen to music. Made some calls, tapatalk, facebook. At 14.30 still 64% remained. Usually with this usage remains about 28, 30 %. Very good job dev. Thanks again.

See for yourself at the xda threads. One person might lie, but not the whole universe.