How to make custom roms for Android

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How to make custom roms for Android

Setting Up:

To start with, Download the prepared Stock Rom which can be found on

XDA general forums or use any other ROM for example you can use our DroidAce rom to create a custom rom for your Galaxy Ace. Ask permission to use it first though)

Extract the zip file to folder called “ROM”. 
Now lets head towards the customizing. 

So now, open up the system folder. You’ll find loads of folders in it. Here is a brief introduction to each of those folders: 


  • APP Folder

When you open this folder. You will find apk’s. An apk is an install-able app package for any Android Device.

You can delete specific apps incase you want to delete. But take extra precautions on what you’re deleting. As some apps are useful. You can add apps here as well in formats of apk’s. But note, adding Play Store apps to the system/app folder is not recommended as most will have to be signed which is complicated. For example you don’t want Google Talk in your rom, you just have to delete the Talk.apk.

  • BIN Folder

Nothing really to mod in this folder. Full of advanced techy stuff.


  • ETC Folder

Here is where most of the tweaks come in. There is a folder called init.d where mods like the V6 Supercharger or multi-tasking fixes can be applied. Note! Don’t add more than 1 or 2 scripts. Most of them usually conflict with each other. 
In the gps.conf file, you can edit your gps info to make the gps more accurate. Pretty good guides about this, search them out. 
Next is the hosts file. Devs use this to block sites from generating ads, and keeping their roms ad-free. Take a look at my DroidS3 hosts file, there are over 20,000 hosts blocked. You can use the same hosts file for your rom too.

  • FONTS Folder

Very easy folder to understand. All you need to do here is replace ttf files, and you’ll change the fonts.

  • FRAMEWORK folder

Here is where the big mods come in. I’ll explain further on about this.

It contains the android.policy.jar, a useful element to add many mods

Framework-res is used to change wallpapers and theme the rom. I’ll explain later in guide.

  • LIBS folder

Contains all the libs needed for specific system apps to work.

Don’t mess here unless you’re adding a mod.

  •  XBIN Folder

Used to add scripts like busybox, dexdump, openvpn support. More like the bin folder but smaller.

Last but not the least, comes the build.prop. Not a folder but used for all minor tweaks to performance and to set default settings. Very useful to mod, and very easy to add lines to it.

9. Build.prop

Ever wondered how some roms have android 6.0, when it hasn’t even released? All you need to change is the to any number you like. Even Android 20! Go change it, and fool some noobs out there.

 More mods can be added to this file. e.g:

  • debug.sf.hw=1
  • video.accelerate.hw=1
  • debug.performance.tuning=1
  • profiler.force_disable_err_rpt=1
  • profiler.force_disable_ulog=1
  • ro.config.nocheckin=1
  • ro.telephony.call_ring.delay=0
  • ro.lge.proximity.delay=15
  • mot.proximity.delay=15
  • pm.sleep_mode=1
  • ro.config.nocheckin=1

That’s all for Introduction. Now for the modding part view the next page.
If you have any queries feel free to contact us.

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