How to make custom roms for Android

Posted by on Aug 17, 2014 in Customization, Dev Guide

How to make custom roms for Android

It’s time for the modding to begin!
Get apktool and use the guide on the link from:….php?t=1755243 to set it up. 

Now, first copy your framework-res from the /system/framework directory to where you extracted apktool files. Let’s call this folder “apktool”
Open the folder apktool, press shift and right click. Click on “Open command window here”. Type:

 apktool if framework-res.apk

Now you are ready to decompile apk’s. 
I’m going to show you how to mod the framework-res for small tweaks for now. 

Using the command window type

apktool d framework-res.apk

You will see some commands in the command prompt stating that the file is being decompiled. Once it’s done, there will be a new folder called framework-res. Open it and navigate to res/values and open bools.xml.

Here are some mods you can do in the bools.xml:

View Mods:

  • 4 Way Rotation:

<bool name=”config_allowAllRotations”>false</bool>
Change to:

<bool name=”config_allowAllRotations”>true</bool>
  • Lock Screen Rotation:

<bool name=”config_enableLockScreenRotation”>false</bool>
Change to:

<bool name=”config_enableLockScreenRotation”>true</bool>

<bool name=”lockscreen_isPortrait”>true</bool>
Change to:

<bool name=”lockscreen_isPortrait”>false</bool>
  • Disable Keyboard Switch In StatusBar When Typing

<bool name=”show_ongoing_ime_switcher”>true</bool>
Change to:

<bool name=”show_ongoing_ime_switcher”>false</bool>
  • Unplugging From USB doesn’t Turn Screen On

<bool name=”config_unplugTurnsOnScreen”>true</bool>
Change to:

<bool name=”config_unplugTurnsOnScreen”>false</bool>
Now to change wallpaper. Change the default_wallpaper.jpg in drawable-mdpi/hdpi/xhdpi and to change lockscreen wallpaper change keyguard_default_wallpaper.jpg.

Now recompile using:

apktool b framework-res framework-new.apk
Delete AndroidManifest.xml from framework-new. Copy AndroidManifest.xml and META-INF from framework-res.apk to framework-new.apk

Ta-Da! You modified your first framework!

Once you’ve added everything, your modified apks, A custom kernel (just replace boot.img) it’s time to compile. Now this is really easy. Just highlight all the folders/files like system, meta-inf and boot.img. Right click. Hover over 7-zip and click Add to Wait for it to be done, and copy to your sd card and flash. Voila! You’ve made your rom!!

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