DroidS3 Version 1 LLA & Version LLC

This is a completely stock based rom themed with raubkatze’s mods. Kernel is your choice, and other UI tuning mods to ensure the best performance.

Introducing CYM:

Cym a.k.a Cook Your Mods, is a inbuilt aroma functionality included with this rom, which lets you make your own rom in recovery.

From statusbar background color, volume mods, system sounds, kernels and Rotations, CYM has more to offer as more releases go by.

CYM V1.0.0 (Codename: Aero) for DroidS3 V2 – LLC:

Had to downgrade CYM for this release, framework wouldn’t compile properly. More features in next DroidS3 update.

  1. Default ROM Status Bar.
  2. 100% Transparent.
  3. 75% Transparent.
  4. 50% Transparent.
  5. 25% Transparent.
  1. AC!D Sound Mod.
  2. DSP Manager.
  1. Default ROM Sounds.
  2. Stock Samsung Sounds.
  3. CM10 System Sounds.

Both Lockscreen rotation and 180 degrees screen rotation have an option of Yes and/or No.

The Aroma is configured properly, so you have four options in this, as follows:

  1. Lockscreen rotation + 180.
  2. Lockscreen rotation Only + No 180.
  3. No Lockscreen rotation + Only 180.
  4. No Lockscreen rotation + No 180.

About the ROM:

  • Based on latest JB firmware
  • Aroma Installer
  • Choose kernel in aroma
  • Multi CSC (120+) – thanks to wanam
  • Ext. Power Menu
  • Unlimited SMS recipients
  • No increasing ringtone
  • Call Recording
  • GPU UI Rendering
  • V6 Supercharger
  • Nice Accuweather drawables
  • Resizable PopUp Browser
  • 23 Toggles
  • Samsung Keyboard with hidden languages
  • All supported languages enabled
  • Extreme camera mods
  • Touchwiz with rotation
  • Ink Effect 16 colors – thanks to mythrandar
  • Email with exchange policy disabled
  • 4 Way Rotation
  • 4 Way lockscreen rotation
  • Large apn list
  • Ad-free (Over 20,000 blocked)
  • AC!D Sound Mod
  • VPN Supported
  • Sqlite supported
  • Removed blocking mode icon
  • Unlimited contacts in contacts app
  • Transparent Multi-Window
  • Enable all apps in multi window – thanks to criscan
  • Unplugging from usb doesn’t turn screen on
  • Volume rocker to skip tracks
  • Long press menu kill
  • Rom is Rooted + Busyboxed + Deodexed + Zipaligned
  • XDA for allowing me to present my work
  • Sammobile for firmware
  • Google for Android
  • Samsung for S3
  • PulseDroid for Thread Art | Graphics
  • Raubkatze for SystemUI Mods
  • Wanam for Phone, Contacts, and Mms Mods
  • Wanam for Multi CSC
  • Kryten2k35 for Help
  • Anbech for enable bootanimation mod
  • Criscan for MW Mod
  • Jobnik for Camera mods
  • DarkOne for TW Mods.
  • Mythrander for Ink Effect
  • KIMBASINGER for accuweather drawables

Version 2:

  • Introduces CYM.
  • Updated base to LLC.
  • Latest kernels added.
  • All previous mods added.
  • Updated etc.
  • Added battery tweaks.
  • GPU Rendering enhanced.
  • 124 CSC included in this build.
  • Restored “About Droid” to “About device”.
  • Latest Note 2 Camera update.
  • Cleaned updater-script and re-done.
  • Probably forgot more stuff.

Version 1:

  • Initial Release.

If you like, appreciate or want to motivate me. Please consider a donation.

Current Donators’ List:

Contact me if you have donated. I will add your name here.

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