DroidS3 Version 3.1 MB3 – Codename “The Major Makeover”

Welcome to DroidS3, V3.1 MB3, codename “The Major Makeover” – Based on latest JB leak, Stable, Fast and Aroma Customization.

The DroidROMS concentrate on three main things. Faster Performance, Longer Battery life and Smoother UI. Built on the most stable and fastest firmwares, they don’t only make your phone last longer but let you get the maximum performance out of it. Packed with a stunning UI and a huge load of Aroma customization, They fully “Droidify” your device.

Introducing CYM:

Cym a.k.a Cook Your Mods, is a inbuilt aroma functionality included with this rom, which lets you make your own rom in recovery.

From statusbar background color, volume mods, system sounds, kernels and Rotations, CYM has more to offer as more releases go by.

CYM V2.0.0 (Codename: Bournville) for DroidS3 V3.1 – MB3:

  1. Default ROM Status Bar.
  2. 100% Transparent.
  3. 75% Transparent.
  4. 50% Transparent.
  5. 25% Transparent.

-> Both of these have an option of Yes and No.

-> Fixed Lockscreen Rotation bug where lockscreen rotates even if Screen Rotation is off. The Aroma is configured properly, so you have four options in this, as follows:

  1. Lockscreen rotation + 180 Degrees Rotation
  2. Lockscreen rotation Only + No 180 Degrees Rotation
  3. No Lockscreen rotation + Only 180 Degrees Rotation
  4. No Lockscreen rotation + No 180 Degrees Rotation
  1.  New leaked Play Store 4.0.27 (The 4.0.25 listed is just a typo)
  2.  Old Play Store 3.10.9

*Highly Recommended*

1. Yes

  • Adds DroidS3 Addons to Settings
  • Includes theme chooser for ported cm10 themes
  • Includes App Settings for Per APP DPI
  • Can be used to lock apps in memory (dialer, contacts, etc)
  • Changes Device Status from custom to official

2. No

  • No DroidS3 Addons in Settings
  • No Xposed Framework installed.
  • Includes disabler. During Reflash, selecting no will disable xposed

1. Normal Youtube App

  • Normal Youtube app from google.

2. RolleTube

  • ICS Youtube with download video option

3. Both

  • Installs both, two youtube apps in app drawer.
  1. Added None option.
  2. AC!D Sound Mod.
  3. DSP Manager.
  1. Default ROM Sounds.
  2. Stock Samsung Sounds.
  3. CM10 System Sounds.

Not Applicable.

ROM Features:

Rom is deodexed, rooted, zipaligned and busyboxed. Other than that, you might find these of your interest.

  • Based on latest 4.2.1 Leak XXUFMB3.
  • Added BUEMA1 Modem.
  • Multi CSC (136).
  • GPU UI Rendering.
  • Droid Custom Boot Animation.
  • Changed homescreen and lockscreen default wallpapers.
  • Replaced some wallpapers in Wallpaper Chooser.
  • Changed About device to About Droid.
  • Task Manager shortcut.
  • Blocking icon removed.
  • Tweaked build.prop.
  • Call Recording
  • Lite Camera Mod with HQR
  • Loud Volume Hack
  • Lockscreen Shortcuts
  • Ink Effect in lockscreen
  • Flare Effect in lockscreen
  • Ext. Power Menu
  • V6 Supercharger
  • Patched Init.d Support
  • Resizable Popup Browser
  • Sqlite
  • Busyboxed
  • OpenVPN Support
  • Auto zipalign at boot.
  • Enabled call button on contacts and logs
  • Unlimited sms recipient list
  • Disabled sms to mms conversion
  • Added exit button to browser
  • Shutter sound in camera enabled
  • Can use camera in call
  • Updated many apps, check changelog
  • Updated gps (Better GPS support).
  • Updated hosts (More ad-free browsing).
  • All aroma files with latest leak system apps.
  • Aroma Installer with CYM v2.0.0 Bournville
  • S Cloud related files moved in bloatware.
  • Includes XPOSED framework
  • SecSettings modded with DroidS3 Addons menu
  • 4.2 AOSP Apps.
  • CWM Manager.
  • ES File Explorer.
  • Flashplayer.
  • Wallpapers patched.
  • Includes THEME CHOOSER
  • Brightness bar is grey instead of blue.
  • Changed close button from blue to grey.
  • Stock look.
  • XDA for allowing me to present my work.
  • Sammobile for firmware.
  • Google for Android.
  • Samsung for S3.
  • symptom666 for all his support.
  • lvn.yogus for support and testing.
  • zeppelinrox for V6 SuperCharger
  • rovo89 for Xposed framework and app settings
  • Ruqqq for XThemeEngine
  • Estrongs for ES File Explorer
  • bjbinc for Multi Window Manager
  • cb65 for Task Manager Shortcut
  • Arsaw for Ink Effect, flare effect and lockscreen shortcuts
  • mythrandar for ink effect in lockscreen
  • Anbech for enable BootAnimation mod.
  • Kryten2k35 for support and boot animation.
  • gharrington for his diff for Extended Power Menu.
  • salesale for screenshot layout.
  • Raubkatze for original png for greyscale theme.
  • PulseDroid for wallpapers.
  • Amarullz for Aroma installer.
  • Wanam for some tweaks in kernel.

Screenshots from v3:

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File Hashes

  • Size: 1043076346
  • MD5 Hash: be0b257d7aeda185ea224a1202cfb5a0

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