Galaxy Gio

The Samsung Galaxy Gio is a smartphone introduced by the well known Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung.

This port is managed by XDA Senior member – Evilsking009.

About the ROM:

DroidACE, the first DroidSeries ROM to be published found much appreciation and applaud not only from owners of devices the DroidACE is made for, but also from owners of other devices. Because of the similiarity of the two devices, The Galaxy Ace and the Galaxy Gio most worthy roms can easily be ported over, therefore resulting in a port for the famous DroidACE into DroidGIO.

The port contains almost all the same features of the DroidACE rom, just ported over.

  • Based on CM7 Unofficial by ItachiSama
  • Adrenaline Engine and Boost
  • Jelly Bean Notification Drawer
  • Aroma installer with many customization options
  • Improved: GPS, Dialing, Internet, Graphics, Battery, Scrolling, RAM Management
  • Amazing Audio with AC!D, Dolby Mobile, ALSA, Beats, Audio FX, 30 Volume Steps
  • ****LOTS**** of Free RAM
  • No Ads, blocked over 20,000 hosts
  • Zipaligned
  • Working LED torch from notification power widget
  • No 2ext /…2SD scripts by default
  • New custom boot animation
  • Custom Pattern unlock
  • Custom Lockscreen (Based on xperia) with all CM Lockscreen options
  • Roboto Font
  • ICS Style Settings
  • Updated apps
  • Modded Xperia Launcher (removed share app ability, and changed default homescreen view)
  • Stock Xperia Sounds
  • Awesome wallpapers
  • BLN Support
  • Build.prop done correctly
  • Updater script done correctly
  • Increased PopUp sensitivity
  • Various performance tweaks
  • + many more
  • Latest Superuser with binary
  • Latest Play Store
  • Messaging app modded with iphone bubbles
  • LG Camera with replaced icons in aroma
  • Blue Torch
  • AC!D Sound Mod App
  • Dolby Mobile app
  • Audio fx settings app
  • Stock CM7 Music player
  • XDA for allowing me to present my work
  • Masterex567 for letting me port this rom.
  • itachisama for base and resources
  • Samsung for sounds, and gio
  • Imbawind for Adrenaline Engine and boost
  • 121C4 for Boot Animations, Drawables, Wallpapers, Lockscreen.
  • UOT Kitchen for Lockscreen mods
  • Chris95X8 for Base Theme
  • Driffex for JB Theme
  • r-ikfoot for AC!D Sound Mod
  • Amarullz for Aroma Installer
  • Modulus for Windows 7 font
  • mobint for holo launcher
  • tamingsari2k for modded ics theme in v1
  • for motorola droid boot animation in v1
  • lovetz for beats audio + alsa
  • Real Networks for Real Player
  • ra3al for xperia home
  • lagloose for GPS and Sensors Patch
  • itasoulas for gps hw.
  • tamingsari2k for drawables in notification drawer
  • balamu96m for ICS Style Settings Feedback.
  • badjaguar007 for signature banner
  • adgoosuc for signature banner
  • namakerorin for audio fx widget
  • Farzad.U325 for his U235 kernel
  • Spex for his qualcomm tweaks from fluid engine

  • for his Droid razr boot animation
  • # PM me if you think you should be here

Changelog for v3.2 – 26/03/13 – Removed some cooper HW files

– New Droid boot animation

– Based on new cm7 20130303 by Itachi sama

– Added tons of build prop tweaks

– improved gps

– changed kernel to U235 kernel

– Added qualcomm config files

– added host files

– Updated Holo launcher to v2.0.2

– Completely cleaned from Ac!d audio engine

Changelog for v3.1 – 13/1/13

-A bit slimmed down rom size(around 98mb) -Removed Aroma installer(was causing problems for users) -Fixed status bar black bar(please test it)


Download from Mediafire

Bugs and Fixes

  • None mentioned

Older Versions:

Version 3.1:


Bugs & Fixes

Version 3.0:


Bugs & Fixes

Installation Procedure:

  • Copy Zip to SD Card
  • Reboot into recovery
  • Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  • Wipe Cache Partition
  • Install Zip From SD Card
  • Choose Zip from Sd Card
  • Select the downloaded file

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